Man gets ‘disturbing’ text from Tinder date’s mum insisting the pair get married

A man has shared a ‘disturbing’ text message exchange he had with a Tinder date’s mum who insisted the pair get married – and threatened to shame him at work if he didn’t comply.

The TikTok star, who goes by the name @trustmeimaexpert, shared a screenshot of the messages with his fans, which arrived after he had called it quits with the man he was dating.

But the mum of his date wasn’t taking no for an answer and insisted he gave her son another chance, saying his picture was already plastered over the young man’s bedroom walls, as the Daily Star reports.

She then said that the family had bought a ring and would be dropping it off at the TikTok star’s place of work, so that they could all begin planning the upcoming ceremony.

Taking to TikTok, the man shared the message, which reads: “You took my son on a date a couple of weeks ago and told him that you two are not compatible.

“I must say I was quite devastated when my son returned home from the outing and was not engaged to the man that he loves so I am reaching out to you to request that you enter into a relationship with my son and immediately begin planning a wedding of which will be paid 50/50 between the two families.”

Firing back, he asked if this was a joke and added that he had “no interest” in dating the woman’s son, but the woman replied, “no joking when it comes to my son’s love”.

She continued: “He has pictures of you already in his room and wants to marry you as soon as possible.

“We will be coming by your place of work tomorrow to discuss things in person and present you with a ring that we have purchased.”

He warned the woman not to attend his work – calling it “disturbing” – and said that he wasn’t planning on marrying anyone for a “very long time”.

But, once again, the mum continued her attempts to marry off her son.

She replied: “We will be by to speak to you at your office at approximately 1.15pm tomorrow.”

The man explained how he told his colleagues to “call the cops” on them if they turn up, then went on to clarify how the pair “never actually turned up at the office – thank God”.