Man’s clever voicemail hack that ‘could save your life’ if you ever got lost

Getting lost or stranded with no means of getting home safely is a huge fear for many people, but it turns out there’s actually a pretty easy way to let your loved ones know where you are.

You could always give someone a ring or send them a text – but what if your phone battery is about to die, or your signal is patchy?

Twitter user Pete Eriksen, @terrapinpete, has claimed the best way to let people know where you are when you can’t answer your phone is to change your voicemail.

That way, when people try to call you and can’t get through, you will be able to give them a message that explains your situation and your approximate location.

Pete wrote: “If you ever get lost while hiking, or get stranded on the road – change the voicemail on your phone giving your approximate location, date, time, and details of your situation and your plans.

“If your phone dies, people trying to reach you will have a place to start looking.”

The voicemail hack has also been shared on Instagram by jewellery company Topple and Burn, @toppleandburn, who said the tip could “save your life”.

Their post continued: “The best part of this is that even if your cell phone dies or stops working, voicemail still works, so anyone calling your phone looking for you will hear the message and know where to find you or where to send help.”

And internet users were quick to offer their own advice on the posts – including calling emergency services and changing your voicemail before you leave the house.

One person wrote: “Whether your phone shows bars or not, in an emergency dial 999. Your 999 call will use any service available, not just the one you subscribe to.”

While another said: “Also remember, SMS messages often go even if you have zero bars – they use the signal your phone uses to ping for towers. So even if you can’t complete a call, a text might get through. Send a photo of where you are in a text message.”

And a third suggested: “Always leave an itinerary with someone BEFORE you go out hiking. If you get lost and have service, call 999. If you don’t have service, you can’t update your voicemail anyway.”