No Man’s Sky’s newest expedition adventure features lots of worms

No Man’s Sky is getting its fourth seasonal update with a new expedition called Emergence. Just in time for spooky season (and, coincidentally, the theatrical release of Dune) Emergence focuses on discovering, taming, and battling giant sandworms.

The trailer for Emergence features some of the wormy updates coming to No Man’s Sky. Existing sandworms will come in more varieties, players can obtain a grotesque Sarlacc pit-looking helmet, and, perhaps most importantly, players will be able to tame and ride giant flying sandworms.

Since expeditions launched in March of this year, Hello Games says Emergence is the first one to feature a dedicated narrative. Starting on the sand-blighted planet of Wasan, explorers will unravel the mysteries of an ancient cult as they unlock milestones, complete expedition phases, and hunt the dreaded titan worms.

Expeditions began as a way of introducing timed, seasonal content to No Man’s Sky. There have been three expeditions this year, with each offering exclusive rewards. No Man’s Sky has undergone a radical transformation since its launch five years ago. Players can experience the space exploration game on next-gen consoles and in VR.