Woman can’t stop laughing as eyebrow lamination leaves her ‘looking like Mr. Bean’

Keeping up with all the latest beauty trends can be a real struggle, especially when you’re not sure what to expect from the results of your trip to the salon.

One TikTok user has recently found out the hard way that “keeping up with the kids” isn’t always a good idea after she decided to try out eyebrow laminating and was shocked by the final look.

Sarah Donnelly, who posts under the username @sarahdonnelly5, was left in stitches over her new eyebrows and kept viewers in suspense with her video as she waited until the end to show off the hilarious result.

In the clip, she said: “I’ve just had my eyebrows laminated, right?

“I can’t stop laughing at them, I look ridiculous!”

Sarah then asked herself, “What have I done to my eyebrows?”, before stating: “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

The woman kept laughing as she showed off her eyebrows, which were bushy and black in colour – contrasting her blonde hair.

She captioned her clip: “I was trying to keep up with the kids, so I got my brows laminated, and this happened.”

Sarah’s video has over 380,000 views and commenters couldn’t help but draw comparisons to Rowan Atkinson’s comedy character, Mr. Bean – who is known for his expressive brows.

One person wrote: “Were you trying to pull off Mr. Bean?”

While another compared her to Noah Levenstein from the American Pie franchise, played by Eugene Levy, who also has thick black eyebrows.

They asked: “Are you Jim’s dad from American Pie?”

And Sarah responded: “Hilarious! I actually really look like him, don’t I?”

Thankfully, Sarah was able to see the funny side of her beauty blunder, as she referred to her eyebrows as “slugs” in one comment.

When one person said: “What the actual fur burgers are those?”, she replied: “Slugs my love. They are my slugs.”

Other commenters were quick to sympathise with the woman, and many of them couldn’t understand why her beautician would use such a dark tint.

Someone said: “The actual lamination is really nice, but why on Earth would they put black tint on a blonde-haired woman?”

While another wrote: “They’re not even bad! It’s the black tint, why would they black tint a blonde?”

And a third posted: “Bless you, this is the kind of results I have nightmares about.”

There were also comments from people trying to reassure Sarah, insisting that while her eyebrows might look over the top now, they’ll be perfect in a few days.

One person explained: “In a couple of days these will look epic. Lamination is the ultimate, trust the process!”

And someone else agreed, adding: “Give it a couple days for the tint to fade a bit then I guarantee you’ll love them.”

Another said: “No joke, I actually like them! They’re meant to be big and fluffy that’s the whole point. Also, the tint will fade.”